Furniture Flip Flop: Decorating Lessons

Transform your family's gathering space with a smart furniture floor plan.

What's the easiest way to update your look without emptying your wallet? I'm Lacey Howard, editor of Decorating Magazine, and today I'm going to show you how we totally transformed this living space with a little creative floor planning. Believe it or not, a fireplace and television can play nice in the same space. It just takes a bit of creative floor planning. Right now, the sofa backs to the fireplace, creating a dead-end hallway to the wall. And the room's overall seating design is too spread out for quiet conversation. Before you so much as scoot the sofa, consider these 3 things: flow, function, and focal points. This family room is a high traffic area with 2 entry spots, so flow is essential. Make sure furniture is situated to that it maximizes each of the room's focal point, in this case, the TV and the fireplace. Then, plot out some scenarios on graph paper, grab a few friends, and get moving. Say goodbye to wasted space. We rotated the sofa to sit under the windows, then rearranged chairs to create a cozy conversation center. Now, it's easy to enjoy the warm glow of the fireplace, your favorite flick-on TV, and the company of family and friends. Don't buy new when a bit of rearranging will do. Just remember these 3 keys: flow, function, and focal points. And you'll feel great about your floor plan in no time. For Decorating Magazine, I'm Lacey Howard.