Make One For the Team

Using a mix or your favorite recipe, shape your cake easily into a sports jersey. Then decorate it with your favorite team's colors. It's easy and fun.

Next time you need a cake for your kids or that sports fanatic friend of yours, try this. I'm gonna show you something that will be a slam-dunk hit with your fans and it won't take any time to make. I'm gonna transform this sweet cake into a basketball jersey in no time flat. So, let me tell you how easy it is. You just start at the neck and make a little neck hole and remove that or you can maybe nibble on the scrap as you go, and then you're gonna make some arm holes. So, just start about partway down and make this a little bit more shallow and come all the way up to the corner, and then you wanna try to get it nice and symmetrical on the other side, make another cut and there you go. There is your shape, and now, I've got it already frosted one, and I'm gonna show how easy it is to decorated this. Now, if you don't have a decorating bag or a piping bag at home, you can use just a plane plastic bag and put your frosting in that, and then all you do is snip off the corner depending on how big or small you want your stripes to be. So, I'm just gonna simply cut that off, and then start decorating it, and this is a homemade piping bag and it's so easy. So, I'm just gonna take and make some outlines on my cake. And again, you can get as decorative as you want, but here, I'm just gonna say real simply how you can do this. There's the blue. It's already taking shape isn't that? And I'm gonna do a little bit of red too. So, I'm just gonna cut off my tip again and do a little bit more piping. So, I'll do a little stipe right beside the blue. This adds color, but again, you can use as many colors or as little color as you want. Just think of this cake as a perfect option when your team wins that big game or if you're having a March Madness Party. And now, I'm just gonna make a simple number on here as if it's someone's jersey. So, there you have it. It's a simple cake and a great way to support your favorite team.