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These lollipops are not only easy to make, they can also be made in tons of fun, artsy ways. Get the family together and get creative!

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Fast, fun, and really cute. You've gotta try this! These adorable lollipops didn't come from a candy store. I made them and you can too! Let me show you how. All you need is some of your favorite hard candies and some sucker sticks, which you can find at a hobby store or even online, and you just have to get creative. So, all you do is you just put a little bit of nonstick foil onto a baking pan, and then you just build up your lollipops. You can crush up your hard candies by putting them into a plastic bag and using a meat mallet. And that crushes them up and kind of gives a fun look, but I'm just gonna use some of my favorite whole candies. I'm gonna make a little flower. So, here I've got a fun variety. And make sure you leave enough space on the baking sheet between all of your lollipops because they tend to spread quite a bit when they bake. So then, just simply bake them at 350 for 6 to 8 minutes for however long it takes to melt the candies. Sometimes, it takes a little longer if you've got them stacked up quite a bit, and once they are done and melted, you wanna quickly remove them from the oven, and then you take your lollipop stick, and you just wanna shove it right into that melted candy and twist a little bit. Here are some that I already have made. You wanna be really careful that you do it kind of slowly because they will break, especially if they're kind of thin, but you just slowly peel off your sucker. So this is great for a kid's party because they can get involved in making their craft, and they can take it home too; unless, of course, they eat it 1st!