a Quick Dishtowel

Make a Quick Dishtowel

Start with a washcloth, wind up with a fun and functional gift. This no-sew idea is so easy you'll want to whip up a whole collection!

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To add some color to a kitchen, try this easy idea! Little dish towels, and they're actually washcloths, and I like using them instead of dish towels because when they hang in a diagonal, it just seems like they're better fit for the kitchen space. They don't take up as much space, and they're just as functional. They also add nice little splashes of color around the kitchen. So, we're gonna start with the basic washcloth, and you're gonna lay it on to your ironing board, and you should set your iron on the silk setting. Needs to be nice and hot. And then using this cute ribbon, and I'm gonna iron that into place using hem tape, and I love this product because you don't have to sew anything. You just lay the hem tape down where you want the ribbon to go and iron it on top! Cut a piece of hem tape, and you wanna have it overlap about an inch on each side. Take the ribbon, measure it out like this, and again, cutting about an inch on the side there. And the good thing about this is that you can fold it over and create a nice little edge seam there. Line up exactly where you want the ribbon to go with your hem tape. Place the ribbon on top, and then all you're gonna do is iron! And the hem tape will fuse it to the washcloth. And it's as easy as that! No sewing involved. And what you're gonna wanna do is you're gonna wanna fold over the end, like this, to create that nice finish edge that I mentioned, and do the other side, there! Now, you have your cute little ribbon along the edge of your washcloth. And I'm gonna hang this towel. I'm gonna hang it, I believe, from this edge. So now, you need to take it over here and put a grommet into it. And what you'll do is you'll lay out the washcloth and take your grommet. You're gonna mark it where you want the hole to go. Just take that half there, take a marker or pen, whatever is convenient and then mark your spot. Then, you're gonna take your scissors, and you're gonna cut a little hole into the washcloth. You can take half of your grommet and lay it down, and then you're gonna place it inside the hole. You can see half of your grommet there, and take the other half and just lay it on top and position it where it will go there. Great! Okay, so now you're gonna take your grommet tool, and you're gonna put it over everything and then take your hammer, and with a couple of taps, you're gonna tap it into place, like that! And you got yourself a grommet! Alright. So, now, we're gonna take some ribbon and string it through the grommet and tie the bow, and it's ready to hang. And these make great hostess gifts or housewarming presents to give to friends. Just don't forget to make a couple of extra for yourself while you're at it.