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-Here's another great story from Better. TV. -We'll get out in the garden and have some fun this year. Nicole is scanning the latest high-tech and low-tech garden gadgets. It used to be when you thought of gardening, all you thought you needed was a hat and a trowel. Oh, but gardening gadgets have come a long way. I'm sure you've heard of a nanny, but if you heard of a plant nanny, it's for when you go out of town maybe on vacation. This little guy goes into your garden and then you can put a bottled water on top of it, screw it in and it'll slowly water your garden. If you're gonna be gone for longer, you can get the bigger kind and that's for wine bottles. Your neighbors might think you're weird, though. Wine bottles. One [unk] that gardeners all seem to have is birds. They're pesky and they like the fruits of your labor. Well, holographic scare tape is the answer and it's a really simple invention. It's just tape on a spool. You tie it to your vines or to your berries and birds don't like it just because it reflects. Simple but effective. So is your plant too acidic? Does it need water? It can be hard to tell especially when they're real full like this. You don't wanna put your fingers in there and damage the foliage, but you can just pop those in there. It's like gardening for dummies. It instantly tells you if you need more or less of something. Even you can do that. And speaking of watering, these are cool. This actually pivots as a space saver if that's an issue on your gardening bench and I've never seen this. It actually plugs in to an outlet and then it oxygenates the water. That way, the water that you give your plants has more oxygen in it. Pretty cool. And then this one actually straps too like Rambo and you can go ahead and pinpoint water, and it makes noise so it's already cool. You can't call yourself a gardener without a shovel and a pair of gloves, but even those are new and improved these days. Look at this, it extends for big jobs or little jobs and it just twists to lock in place, and these are the coolest gloves ever. They look like they belong in a batting cage. They're super-soft leather and then they fit really tightly. That way you don't get any blisters, and you can wave at your envious neighbors. Hi! They're fabulous, aren't they? I know. Next time you're at your gardening supply store, definitely check out. Technology is always moving forward and the same goes for the million dollar industry that is gardening. It may have just come from a trowel but I think I found something more fun. For Better, I'm Nicole. See you guys later. -This has been Better. TV. We're always on with tips and ideas to make your life better. Send us your thoughts, Together, we'll make your home, family and life better. Thanks for watching.