Decorative Edging

Add some pizzazz to your yard with some decorative edging. Better TV shows you how with help from Nature's Garden Magazine.

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-You're watching Better. TV. -Okay, let's head outdoors now for some simple tips to keep your yard looking great. Here's the editor of Nature's Garden with more. -My name is James Baggett and I'm the editor of Nature's Garden Magazine. Today, we're gonna explore options in decorative edging to effectively separate your lawn from your garden. Not surprisingly, plastic edging is affordable and extremely easy to care for. Manufacturers have made great strides in plastics and they're available in a wide range of styles. From this formal traditional model that runs about 5 bucks apiece to this simple casual white pickup fencing that will cost you about $1.50. -Metal categories include rod iron, bronze and aluminum. -And lastly, everybody's favorite choice is wood. Whether it's bent willow or bamboo, it lends a warming casual look to perennial and cottage gardens. Although bamboo is long-lived, this will need to be replaced and won't last forever. This bent willow fencing will cost about 24 bucks apiece whereas this more Asian-inspired bamboo fencing will cost about $12. -A word of warning, be sure to call your local utilities to locate unground lines before you dig or install any edging. -This is James Baggett for Better TV. -Thank you for watching Better. TV. Please e-mail us your thoughts, ideas at Better. TV. Together, we'll make your home, family and life better.