Essential Garden Tools

Is your garage full of gardening tools? Better TV takes you shopping for the only items you really need.

-Is your garage full of those old garden tools? Well, it may be time to purge a little bit. Kim goes shopping for the only items you really need. -It's gardening season and I'm shopping for the only garden tools you'll ever need with Anne Nieland. Anne is a garden editor of Garden, Deck and Landscape Magazine. Anne, what do I need to get the season off to a fresh start? -Well, we've got some basic tools here that I'd like to show you and I'd like to start first with gloves. Why don't you take a look at these, Kim? I love these gloves. -Like the color. Why did you pick these out? What are the features? -Well, first put them on, you'll see why. One of the first reasons that I picked them, they're really-- -They're really comfortable. -They're really comfortable. They fit nice and snug around your fingers, so you'll be able to do some fine skills like planting annuals but you'll also be able to do some of the bigger skills like shoveling soil. Next stop, let's take a look at pruners. Everyone needs a good pair of pruners and I'd like to show you a pair here. These are great for pruning anything, any shrubs in your yard or even cutting flowers. One of the things you wanna look for is a package that opens. This happens to be a good brand, but what's also nice is the package opens and then you can see whether the pruners fit in your hand. -Uh-huh, so try them on for size, that's what you're saying? -Right. If they're too big, it's gonna be miserable and if you've got a lot of pruning to do, that's a long time to be uncomfortable. Kim, you're gonna need some really heavy-duty tools for some of your gardening. I'd like to show you one of my favorite tools. Now this is a spade and I love this tool because you can dig holes with it, you can divide plants with it. You can even get in and plant where it might be kinda tight. Everybody needs a rake, and a great one to have especially if you're creating a new bed is just the good old-fashioned garden rake. If you don't have one-- -Good old metal rake. -Good old metal rake. -Well, I don't have one. I don't know how many beds I'm gonna be doing, but I also figured if in doubt, throw it in the cart, right? -Okay. -Let's take a look at some hand tools. I've got 2 great ones here. This is a hand fork and a hand trowel, and both of them are stainless steel. -And you think these are essential? -I love these. This is one of my favorite tools. It's called the farmer's knife. -I've never even heard of it. What does it do? -Well, this is a real versatile tool. Besides the typical things that a trowel does, you're gonna be able to plant bulbs, you're gonna be able to do weeding, you're gonna be able to cut roots that get in your way. It's a real versatile tool. -It looks like it has measurements on there too. -Yup, that's for planting bulbs, to be able to show how deep to plant them. -A multifaceted garden tool. -I love it. -Alright, we'll put that in the cart too. -I have a couple of great ideas to help keep your new tools in great shape. The first is WD-40 or any type of oil. Oil down your tools, that'll keep them from rusting. -Okay. -And the other thing is you wanna use this each time you use your tools. Anytime you get mud on your tools, just use a simple paint scraper to clean them off. -Oh, like the trowels-- -Yes. -and things like that? -That's right. -So I guess what you're really telling me is take care of your tools. -Yes. -What a novel concept. I think mine would be in a lot better shape if I did that. Alright, everything is in the cart and looking at all these, what do you think this is gonna cost me when I check out? -This is about $200, Kim. -That's not so bad really when you consider I have all the garden tools I'll ever need, and if I take care of them, they're really gonna last me a long time. -They are. You'll be surprised how long this will last you. -Let's head for the check-out stand and see what the damage is. I'm Kim Singer with Better TV. Come on, Anne. -And one more tip, buy stainless steel garden tools when you can. They may cost a little bit more but they'll actually last almost forever. -Thank you for watching Better. TV. Please e-mail us your thoughts, Together, we'll make your home, family and life better.