Go Green With House Plants

Looking for a simple way to go green? How about some house plants? Here are good some choices for cleaner air.

-Looking for some simple ways to go green? Then get some house plants. Kim shows us some good choices for cleaner air. -There are a lot of things you can buy to clean the air inside your home, but probably the best is right at your local garden center. Indoor plants, this is Doug Jimerson. He's the editor-in-chief for gardening with Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. Doug, tell me how indoor plants help clean up the air inside your house. -Well, as indoor plants breathe, they take in the bad stuff and they put it through their roots and clean it for you. So, all the things we have in our home from wall-to-wall carpeting, from dry cleaning, benzene from [unk], all those things, plants clean. -Doug, from your personal experience, which ones would you recommend to get? -Well, the Areca palm is one of the best. -It's pretty. -It's a great plant for a corner of your home. Another big breather is the Spathyphyllum. -A big breather, I like that. -Big breather. -A heavy breather. -These large leaves are great. They do a lot of transpiration and basically breathe toxins out of your home. Plus you get the flowers. -The flowers are gorgeous. -Now the common plant you see in a lot of offices and there's probably a reason for it is the golden pothos. This one is trained on a stake, but this is a very common plant. This is an anthurium and these come in many different colors. This one is kind of a pale pinkish white and plus it's a pretty-- it's just an overall pretty plant. -It is, and what I'm seeing here is there are indoor plants in all shapes and sizes that virtually could fit just about anywhere in your home to do this job for you. What's that back there, that big tall one kind of on a stake right here? -This is a yucca. This is a very-- this is great if you have a sunny window, hot spot or if you're a neglectful waterer. -Uh-huh, that's me. -They can live in your house without much attention. Yet they're still going to help you with the indoor-- -Still gonna do the job. -Still gonna purify the air [unk]. -What's this right back there, the pretty gold and--? -This is an arboricola and this is a different Dieffenbachia and what's exciting about these is they do the job but they're much more interesting because of the variegated foliage. So you have pretty and you've got hardworking in one plant. Boston ferns, very common but you can hang this up-- -You could hang it anywhere. -You could hang it anywhere in your-- any room, in the bathroom. It's a great plant for bathroom because they love the moist air from the shower. In a sunny spot or in a breakfast nook, the succulents. Succulents don't transpire as fast as the other plants, but they still help clear the air and these require almost no maintenance whatsoever. -So even if you had a little place and not much room, you'll surely have room for this one on a table. -Tiny little corner, exactly. Here's another version, another dish garden. This is more for darker spots, so-- -Oh, that's right. You have to think about sun and shade, don't you? -Exactly. So this-- the succulent one was for sun. This is for a nice shady spot in your home. If you have a dining room with only one window, this is the perfect plant for your tabletop. -Doug, how many plants do you need? What's the minimum you need to get rid of air pollution inside your house? -Well, the recommended rate is 1 per 100 square feet, but I think you can never have enough plants. -So the more the merrier. -The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. -There you go. This is a great tip. Doug, thank you so much. Time to get some plants for inside your house, don't you think? I'm Kim Singer with Better TV. Doug, help me pick out some-- -Sure. -for my place. -You'll find more great tips on going green in the current issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. -Thank you for watching Better. TV. Please e-mail us your thoughts, ideas@better.tv. Together, we'll make your home, family and life better.