Great Seafood

Cook Great Seafood

“Top Chef” and author Eric Ripert shows you the secret to cooking great seafood.

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-He's been a guest judge on Bravo's Top Chef and now Eric Ripert is the top chef at Manhattan's fabulous Le Bernardin Restaurant. Eric is with a new book called "On the Line." It actually gives an inside look at how the culinary magic is all created. He invited us into his kitchen and he shared a few of his cooking secrets with us as well. -Le Bernardin is a seafood restaurant, so it's basically a temple dedicated to seafood. -And there's no one better to show us the secrets of cooking great seafood than Le Bernardin's Executive Chef, Eric Ripert. -Today we are going to do a Red Snapper. It's gonna be sauted and we're gonna put it on the bed of peas and pea tendrils, pea shoots, and we are preparing it with a very flavorful broth made of ginger and shiitake mushrooms. I'm gonna season the fish with some fine sea salt and white pepper on both sides, and then we are going to add a little bit of wondra flour. Wondra flour is a very thin flour that helps the fish to become crispy, and we put a little bit of it on it like that. As soon as the pan will be hot we will put the fish, skin down first and I'm cooking the-- the fillet of the fish almost three quarter away on one side which is the skin side. And the flesh will be just flipped in a hot oil of the last minute. In this pan we are going to broth the pea shoots, a little bit of garlic. I'm going to add a little bit of peas, a little bit of ginger and we're gonna cook it quickly, so it's gonna melt. I'm adding a little piece of butter and a tiny bits of soy sauce, so you see it's kind of melting in the pan. It's going very fast. The ginger gives the spiciness. The soy sauce gives some saltiness. While the fish still cooking, we're gonna re-heat the broth. So, it's basically a chicken broth that has been flavored with ginger and some lemon. We are going to put some shiitake mushrooms in it, and also bit of lemon skin, some scallions. I'm using a ring mold to put the peas. It's crunchy, crispy everywhere. I just flip it, now I'm gonna insert the skewer to the flesh, ten seconds, fifteen seconds and then remove it then press my hand. Now, the fish is ready. We just have to add the broth, tiny bit of scallions and we are ready. -And chef Ripert let us in on even more secrets behind the scenes at Le Bernardin in his new book "On the Line." -It's basically a documentary of the life of the restaurant. -It's the ultimate scrapbook capturing everything from chef's recipes to the restaurant's memorabilia and trivia. -We have a list in the dining room of that we give to our-- our employees, and it's a-- called the Cardinal Sin, and we have 129 guide rules. -The book is an annex to the restaurant's team, a team headed out by top chef, Eric Ripert who's passionate about cooking and Le Bernardin. -When you leave the restaurant, we want you to leave possible with a small and saying, "Wow," you know what, I like that place because it's different." -Eric Ripert's new book "On the Line" is now available in bookstore. -Thanks for watching Better.TV. For more stories like the one you just saw, catch the television program Better every weekday, check your local TV listings to see if Better airs in your city.