Costume Help

Better has advice on what to look for when you go shopping for the perfect costume.

-Hey, Halloween is less than 2 weeks away so it is time to pick up the costume, carve your pumpkin and stock up on all that great candy. With so much to choose from, we set in the cold to shop for a practical costume that won't break the bank. -It's easy to fall in love with Halloween. The corn mazes, the caramel apples and picking the perfect pumpkin. But whether you're a little kid or just a big kid that's young at heart, everyone's favorite part is dressing up. Here's some tips on picking the perfect costume. There's lots of places that you can get a Halloween costume. We're here at Goodwill to show you all the different options and things to remember before your big night. If your costume is going to include a wig, remember that that's gonna trap some body heat and it might make you a little warm. Same goes for a hat, but now, they have the hat and the wig built right in, one less thing to remember and you won't be quite as warm. Now remember if you're going to have a mask as part of your costume, that you're going to have to take it off to eat or drink anything. Also, little ones can't see quite as well when they've got something on their face. So it might be a better option just to have it painted, just take it off at the end of the night and that way, know that their sight is not impaired. Now remember when you get your costume that there's gonna be lots and lots of accessories to go with it. Wonder Woman, she's gonna need the gold bracelets. You know maybe you're a clown, you're gonna need the red nose, but from there, you have to be careful. Kids want every single thing that they can get. Here's a Pirates of the Caribbean fishing pool. Now let's be honest, after they have one hand holding their trick or treat can and in the next holding your hand or flashlight, when are they gonna have time to go fishing? So, just manage expectations when you go by your costume with your kid. We don't want our little gossin goblins to be cold when there's lots of costumes that are full little fur suits. They're dressed up but they're also warm. This is kinda cute. These aren't very practical for an indoor house party though. Imagine how warm we would get in this. It's like a sleeping bag with a face. Whoa! Meow, kitty. And even dad can get into the action with very little effort. Even your raincoat can get in on the action. Well, now that we know what we're looking for in a Halloween costume, let's grant some wishes. We hope that you and your family have a wonderful Halloween. You guys say happy Halloween! -Happy Halloween! -Let's go play, come on. -Great shopping advice, Nicole. Thank you. And you may be surprised to learn that Halloween is the number one holiday among adults, so don't let the kids have all the fun.