Last Minute Costumes

Holly and Marni have some great last minute costume ideas.

-Okay, snap out of your [unk] for just a moment. I wanna say one word to you, Halloween. Do you have your costume yet? Well, it's never too late to act like a kid. Holly and Marnie have some great last minute ideas in today's It Mom Adventure. -Okay, so as moms, we're always making sure that our kids look just perfect for Halloween. Well, you know what? grown-ups should have fun too. -That's right. We need to join in the celebration, show the kids that we're still kids at heart and we're gonna show you just how fun it can be if you dress up for Halloween. -Right. -I'm taking you down! -Whoa! -You know what's great about these things is that you could just slip it on and your dressed up. It's an easy costume, right? -You just get one of these, put it on, voila! You're done. -Can I have a dollar, please? I'll do you a little dance. -If you don't wanna be like full-on, get a jacket and hat and you have costume, right? -Right. -Easy. -You have [unk]. Let me just take a couple. -Hey, I know for Halloween, you can get out all those old bridesmaid's dresses that nobody can wear ever again and you can be a bridesmaid. -I wear mine every Friday. -If you're doing a last minute costume, look into renting a costume. Because you think that they're gonna be out of options but this store isn't gonna be out of anything. They have sections like fairy tale, peasant, clowns. So if you don't have an idea, just come here and they'll think one for you. -So if you own a costume shop, you must get crazy requests coming in, but what's popular for women this year? -Most of the women like stuffs like the belly dancers or there's the [unk] girls. Most of them like the sexy styles. There's, you know, the longer versions of the sexy stuff. -And flapper? -And the flapper dresses. -I'll put this on. -Alright. -Huh! -How cute is the fairy? -I only need a wand. -You do need a wand. -Yeah. -Like I'm a Can-Can girl. -I know. -Yey! -Can I get a beer? -You can get a beer. I will serve you up in a bar wench. -Whoa! -Off with our head. -Some costumes are really elaborate. They take a lot of creative energy. -Right. And imagination. And others are pretty straightforward. -If you're going to a party with a girlfriend or your husband, go with a theme like he's something and you're something. Okay, moms, our typical costumes throughout the year are maid, nurse, referee. And this is the one day a year where you get to let your true color show. You can be a superhero. -So before you say "no, thank you" to the upcoming Halloween party, say "yeah, I'll be there and I'll be wearing something fun." -That's right. Moms, it's gonna be fun this year. -Bye! -Don't let the little ones have all the fun dressing up this year. Grab yourself a costume and join in the holiday spirit. It's a great excuse to create a whole new identity and be anything you wanna be even if it's only for one night. -This has been Better.TV. For more stories like the one you just saw, catch the weekday television program Better, your source for styles, trends, relationships, beauty, fitness and other stories that will help make your day better. Check local TV listings to see if Better airs in your city. Thanks for watching.