Crop and mat a photo

Learn the basics of cropping and matting a photo with Scrapbooks etc. Associate Editor Megan Boettcher.

Hello! I'm Megan Boettcher, associate editor at Scrapbook Etc. Magazine. Today, I'm gonna show you how to crop and mount a photo. Let's look at the supplies you're gonna need. Of course, you'll need a photo, card stock, a ruler, adhesive, and a paper trimmer. Now, let's get started. We're gonna start by cropping this photo. As you can see, there is some unwanted material here on the side and a lot of empty space over here. So, I'm just gonna trim that up, take it over to my handy trimmer. Make sure it is level and-- Now, we have gotten rid of that extra space. Let's just smooth this over. There we go. Now, we're gonna take this photo and just measure it. Looks like it's about 4 inches wide by 4 inches high, nice little square. That will be easy for figuring. What we're gonna do now is cut out some card stock so we can create a nice little border to mount this. Now the border, we're going to cut out 1/2 an inch wider than we have the photo so that's gonna be 4-1/2 inches. Make sure that that's nice and square. And most of your trimmers are gonna have a ruler or some guides here, but if not, you can also use your ruler to help you out rid of that excess. Frill it over. One more good cut. There you go. Set that right there. Place the photo in the center. We can cut 'em, move it around, make sure it's nice and centered and see how it looks. I think that looks pretty good. Take my adhesive now. Put it on the back. Just give it a few quick dots. Place it nice and even in the center. Press it down and there you have beautifully framed photo. Now you know how to crop and mount a photo. You're ready to start scrapbooking. So have fun! I'm Megan and thanks for watching.