How to Make a Sprinkles Cake

A bagful of colorful sprinkles, plus three richlayers, makes this an outright celebration cake. Master this look after watching this video.

You can use any kind of food coloring. Apply it with a toothpick first. Put that in the container. Seal that lid. You don't wanna have sprinkles all over the place. Give it a good shake. Sometimes if you are using nat paste food coloring, you might have a clump. You might need to go in and break it up. Once that's completely distributed, then you can take your sprinkles and put them on top of a sheet pan covered with a sheet of wax paper to dry. It'll only take about 15 minutes. We used strips of wax paper applied to the side of the cake to get those nice stripes and applying them to the cake before you add your sprinkles. You could use your hand or a spoon for those tight areas, especially when you're adding 1 color sprinkle next to another color sprinkle. You might wanna use a smaller spoon. Placing a piece of wax paper against the cake, press lightly to smooth out any extra lumps or bumps. You're gonna be using sprinkles on everything.