No-fail Containers

A how-to guide to thriller-filler-spiller containers that will look great from the moment you plant them.

I'm Eric Liskey with Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Containers are one of the most popular topics with our readers but a lot of people don't know where to start. There's a sure fire formula, we call it spiller, thriller, filler, and it works every time. Many people struggle with color combinations. They're not sure what goes with what. An easy way to work that out is to just put plants together in your shopping cart. If they look good, then you're gonna be happy with it. A good container design has three elements. The thriller which is a good place to start, something larger than the rest, maybe it's upright, something that really has a distinctive look. Start with that, plant it toward the back or perhaps in the center of the container. Next, you wanna use a filler. This is something that's gonna be more mounty, it's gonna provide a lot of mass and volume. It's not gonna be too tall, it also won't fall over the edge of container. Coleus is a nice one, [unk], many things that grow upright but don't get too tall and don't trail. The spiller is anything that will trail over the edge of the pot. So, when you put these three things together, you'll have something tall, something medium and something trailing. It'll look full, it'll give you a lot of variety and usually these designs look great as soon as you plant them.