2012 Color Trends

Spring 2012 Color Trends

Get the scoop on home and fashion color trends for spring 2012 from Better Homes and Gardens editors.

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-Spring 2012 is going to be shop full of color and I could not be happier, dark peacock blue is the color of the season both on runways and in your living room and it's accented this color around with zesty lemon. Apricot is a wonderful accent color. Apricot is the new orange as is raspberry and fuchsia and all of the pinks are having a huge renaissance. -One of the trend that we've seen a lot of is color black, and we have this great saturated colors and pair them with each other. You see bright red with purple or bright red with fuchsia. It's a statement and strong and it's really powerful. I think it's much more interesting to think about colors that you really love that makes you feel good. -Personally, I am drawn to very deep rich strong colors. -I love oranges and greens of all kinds, rich luscious browns and turquoise blue. Right now anyway. Next week, it might be something different. -Few years ago, I bought this very fantastic pair of red shoes. I gotten home and I look in my closet and I was putting them away and I know is that of 3rd of my shoes were red and I was like, oh, I guess I'm a red shoe girl. -My bedroom right now is a dark blue or khaki blue, and it's the first time that I've really succumbed to true trendiness.