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All About Color

Our March 2012 issue is all about color! From home and garden to fashion and beauty, it’s easy to add color to your world. Listen to our editors chat about color and what you’ll see in the March issue.

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-I love color. I can change your mood. It can change the mood of a room and it is so much fun. -Color actually is a single largest tool in an interior designer's arsenal. -In fashion, color can be a signature. You can tell people who you are or who you wanna be. -Paint of course is an obvious way to bring color into a room, but there are so many other ways you can do it whether it's in fabrics or pillows, accessory. Don't forget the floor or the ceiling. All of these things can bring a whole new feel to the color in the room. -If walk in to a really brightly colored room, you know, where everyone now. It's hard to be sad. I love that. -We're so excited about our March issue. We're devoting the entire issue to color. It's something that our readers really love. We're gonna offer readers tons of information about how to put together our room palette. We have features throughout the issue, whether it's home, garden, beauty, or fashion. -What we focused on for spring were colorful outer wear and tatters and all the gear that you have in spring that really make it fun. -We're also excited because one of our most popular online tools, the color tool is getting upgrade this month. Visitors will be able to upload their own photos and color the walls, really exciting, big strokes or small strokes, color can be completely transformed into it.