Valentine’s Day Scratch-Off Card How-To

Learn how to make an adorable scratch-off card for Valentine's Day.

-I learned how to make scratch off cards in elementary school and it was just an easy, fun craft to do without age. But, it's also something that you can carry over into your adult life. It's still easy to do. The first thing you're gonna do is download the template from You'll have an opportunity that when you're there to type in either the sentiment or the experience of your choice. Print it out and cut it. And then, you'll be making a scratch off solution. You're scratch off solution is simply two parts of metallic acrylic paint and one part of dishwashing liquid. Mix those well. Then, you're gonna cut a strip of clear contact paper. Turn it over. And on the paper side, you can use this hard template also available at to trace around it. Turn it over and tape it down to your surface which is flat. And then, you'll add your scratch off solution. I use a flat water color brush just because it-- it' easier to do without getting any lines. You basically coat your contact paper with a thin layer and enough to cover the hearts that you've traced on the back. Let that coat dry for about a half hour and then you'll go back and repeat with the second coat until it's opaque. Then after that, I go through and I cut out the hearts so that you simply have a heart sticker and I peel off the backing and place it right over the hearts on the card. When you're giving it to your recipient, you can just package it with a new penny. And when they get it, they can [unk] the experience of their choice and scratch off their card. And there you go. That's as simple as that.