WW choosingColor

-This is Kaylen who is an associate editor for better homesandgardens.com, and you have a whole lot of base going on. -Yes, yes. I definitely have wanted to paint since we moved in here, but I didn't know where to start. I knew that I wanted to do something that green. -Uh huh. -Because I love green, I'm obsessed with green. -Well, you know, using an inspiration piece like this is a really good way to start of anchor, okay, and we're using this color. And I like this color a lot `coz it works with your couch, your investment pieces, and it works with the accessories that we can see behind us, even with the color of the lampshade back there `coz that's basically gonna help make the materials pop off the wall using this color green. But the problem that I know we all have, and that is the intensity of the color. -Yes. -Right? Well, one of the ideas that I'd like to use, and the tools that's invaluable in selecting colors is using a color fan deck. You can see that this color value works really well. -Yeah, definitely. -Now, here's the thing, though. I mean, what color value? Do we wanna go light? Do we wanna go dark? Well, this is really a question of personal taste. -Uh huh. -Now, I like color. I use color a lot, but it could be very daunting, and one of the big mistakes people make is they buy quarts of paint which can be expensive. And then, they start painting squares on the wall. -Yeah. I've seen that before. -You have? Yeah. And now, all of a sudden it all becomes a blurry mess. You don't know what color is what. The other color affects the other color. Eh, it's a big mess. So, here are some little ideas that can make a big difference. I like to use these foam core boards. Now, you can buy them 18 x 24 at the local, you know, office center. And what I do is I buy these little audition cans of paint, which we can buy very inexpensively. And so we get the real color, the real type of finish, and we apply that color to a foam core board, the white ones. Now, this gives us ability to see having these samples and this has just happened to be the color that you like. -Yeah, I like this. It's kind of in between, not too dark, I'm a little afraid to go too dark right now. -Yeah. -But this is a good in-between color that I think will work well on my walls. -Right, and the idea here is really good because we can now take this board, and we can put it behind the couch and the accessories. And we gotta good sample, a good feel for how it is. Always put it on the wall, stick it on there, and look at it in the morning and afternoon. Look at it under the lighting conditions like our artificial lamp here or any type of other alternative light sources that may come in the room. I think we're well on our way to reselecting -Definitely. -the right colors for your room. -Yes.