TK Kabobs

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-Hi I'm Lori from the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen and today I'd to share with you some great tips and tricks making great kebabs. We can start with metal skewers like those or if you prefer, you can use wooden ones like these, but the tip is to soak your skewers in water for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour. When you're ready to build your kebab, you can use basically any type of meat or vegetable you would like. You can see here we have beef and we have an assortment of vegetables here, and the only thing you wanna keep in mind when you're building your kebab is the uniformity of size. You wanna make sure that your meat, your potatoes, the peppers, onions, whatever you have are pretty much the same size. That will allow for even cooking. Now, we'll just our skewer, have all your ingredients ready to do here, and then all you do is simply skewer them on. One thing, you might wanna remember is that when putting on your ingredients, you wanna leave a little bit of space in between each piece. This will allow for even cooking, an there you go, and we consider about 3 of these would be a serving for somebody, so you wanna allow about 2 kebabs for each person. One quick little tip that I like to do. I like to just give like quick little squirt of cooking spray or maybe just brush a little lightly with some oils and that's kind of prevents them from sticking to the grill. So, I've got my kebabs already to do. I have my grill preheat and it's about medium heat, and you wanna grill this kebab really over direct heat, medium direct heat is about the way to go. So, I'm just gonna lay this on the grill. You wanna lay them perpendicular to the rock, so [unk] and I'm gonna place them on the grill, what you wanna do is kind of leave them as they are. You don't wanna turn them too much, otherwise, you're not gonna get those really nice grill marks that everybody likes. So, at this point, I'm just gonna take some tongs and just give the kebabs a nice turn. Oh, look at the beautiful grill marks. Aren't those pretty? This is what you want, and since we have sprayed them a little bit with cooking spray or little it of oil, there is not sticking bald. Look at that, they are just growing so nice, and I would say those have about 5 more minutes and we'll be done. And we're gonna remove the kebabs from the grill now that they're done. Very important, use a clean platter or plate when removing your meat off the grill. You don't wanna contaminate by using that you brought the kebabs out on. Okay, lovely. Oh, they smell so good. So, when you go out to grill, think about kebabs. What an easy, beautiful way to present food.