There is nothing cookie cutter about this idea. It's a clever twist on a traditional wreath. Cookie cutters really make their mark with this twist on a traditional wreath. This is such a cool way to reuse cookie cutters. If you happen to have a bag lying around the house like I do from my Christmas cookies every year, this is a project for you. So, what you need to do is you need to start out with all of your different-sized cookie cutters. I've got some big ones here. I've also got some medium-sized ones. And then, I've got some little teeny ones, too. So, I'm gonna start kind of configuring these in a general shape of a wreath . So, I'm gonna tuck some into each other, like that. And you kinda need to play with this a little bit while your doing it just to get the right shape. It's kinda like creating a puzzle. Bring this closer together, like that. And so there we go. We've got the general wreath shape. So now, if you plan to reuse these cookie cutters and you just wanna make these wreaths temporarily. You're gonna need some of these little sticky putty stuff. And it comes in little rectangular pieces like this, and you're just gonna make little balls of it. And this you're gonna use to stick all your cookie cutters together. So, you just basically put a little bit of the putty on the point that you're gonna stick together, and then you just kind of smush `em into each other like that so that it really holds. And then, to super secure it, so it doesn't go anywhere, just use a paper clip like this, and just paper clip the 2 of them together. Grab another little bit of the putty. Stick it to the point where you're going to have the 2 cookie cutters connect, and kinda squish it together like that, and then paper clip it. So, you wanna make sure you're working on the cutting side of your cookie cutter, rather than the other side, because the other side is actually gonna be your finished side, and you don't want all your paper clips to show. So, once you've got it-- But, if you don't plan on using these cookie cutters again or, you know, maybe you're giving this as a gift, and you want people to enjoy it again and again, you can actually use a hot glue gun and just hot glue all the same contact points, and then maybe with some wire, you can kind of wire it shut so that they're nice and secure. So, I've actually got one that is completed right here, and you can see that it's just so cool-looking, really interesting. And, no wreath is complete without a nice pretty bow. So, I've made a bow out of some ribbon here and just attached a little bit of wire to the back. So, you're gonna put your bow on it like that and just kinda twist it around. And there we go, your friends are gonna think you're such a smart cookie when they see this wreath.