Pruning Shears Care

Follow these tips to keep your pruning shears in top form.

-Here's how to give your pruning shears a quick tune up before you store them at the end of the gardening season. First, sharpen the blade. We use the sharpening tool designed specifically for pruning shears with smooth motion. Sharpen each blade along the factory cut [unk]. Follow the operating instructions for whatever sharpening device you use. Next check the pivot nut to make sure the blades are operating efficiently. With a wrench, tighten the nut until the blades become difficult to open and close. Then loosen just enough so the blades move freely. Check to see if the blades cut cleanly and adjust again if necessary. Finally, wife down the blade and hinge with rag dipped in oil. This will protect the shears against rust and keep the blades moving freely. You can use motor oil, gun oil or lubricant oil made for use on metal tools.