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We're getting ready to plant bulbs this fall. They're super easy. They're basically all planted the same way. Dig a hole, drop your bulb in, cover them up with soil and next spring, you've got beautiful flowers. Alright, so just dive in. Go ahead and dig a hole, drop your bulb in and cover it up. It's that easy. Now everybody always asks, which end is up? Usually it's the pointy end but some bulbs don't even have a point on them. If you're not sure, plant them on the side. The bulb is gonna know which end to grow up and which end to grow down. If you have a lot of bulbs to plant, here's an idea that'll help you out. Go ahead and dig a big hole. This is gonna save you from digging a bunch of individual holes and you'll have a way to plant a bunch of bulbs at one time. Dig the hole and go ahead and place your bulbs throughout. If you want, you can even just toss them in and plant them where they land. If you scatter them throughout, you'll end up with a more natural look in your garden. Go ahead and cover them over, give them a little bit of water and they're to go for the spring. So how deep do you plant bulbs? We get this question all the time. The general rule of thumb is you wanna plant it about 4 times as deep as the bulb is wide. For example, this daffodil bulb is about 2 inches wide, so you're gonna wanna plant it about 8 inches deep. This crocus bulb is about 1/2 inch wide, so you're gonna wanna plant it about 2 inches deep. One of the great things about bulbs is because they're planted at different depths, you can actually plant a lot of them in the same area and get a beautiful bouquet the next spring. For example, I've layered daffodil bulbs at the bottom of my hole. I've got tulips next and right now, I'm adding in crocus bulbs at the top. So next spring, I'm gonna have all 3 flowers coming up in the same area. You can either pick these flowers and bring them inside for a beautiful bouquet or leave them outside. Either way, you're gonna have a beautiful spring. Another great tip that you can do with bulbs is to plant them in your lawn. You'll have a great little display of flowers coming up in your grass in the spring. One of the ways to do this is just toss them out into your lawn, and wherever they land, go ahead and plant them. You'll have a real natural look that way rather than planting them in a row. Don't worry about mowing around these flowers because by the time they're past, it'll be ready to mow. And that's your Tess Garden Tip.