How to Pick Healthy Plants

Get your garden off to the best possible start by choosing healthy plants from your local garden center or nursery. Our tips will show you what to look for.

There are hundreds of plants at your local nursery. How do you know which ones are the best for you? I'm Justin Hancock from Better Homes and Gardens. I'm here today to help you pick the healthiest plants for your yard. There are 3 things you wanna look for when you're shopping for healthy plants. The first is stem strength. This plant seems nice and outright. This one, kind of floppy. Chances are if it's not holding up well on the pot, it's not gonna hold up on your garden. I'd go with this one. The next thing you wanna watch for is to make sure you bring home disease-free plants. There's a lot of daylilies on the table and they all kind of look the same. But take a closer look and you'll find that some are better than others. This leaf has a bunch of yellow spots. Spotted leaves are often a sign of disease. Plant this in your yard and you run the risk of spreading this disease to everything else you grow. I'd definitely pass this one by. Instead, look for plants with nice, healthy evenly green leaves. The last thing you wanna watch for is to make sure your plant has a healthy root system. It's most subtle but most important. Start by carefully grasping all of the leaves and the stems in your hand, see if you can pull it out with a nice even motion. Grip the pot and pull it out. If you can't get it, lay the pot on its side and carefully push around. This should help loosen it up. Then lift it back up and carefully pull it out. We can see this plant has some unhealthy rotten roots, not a good buy. Let's take a look at another one. This iris has very nice light-colored healthy roots. This is a much better buy. This is the one that I would choose. So next time you're out plant shopping, remember these 3 easy tips. Strong, sturdy stems; disease-free leaves; and a strong healthy root system and you can be sure you'll be getting a good buy every time. I'm Justin Hancock and that's your Tess Garden Tip.