to Make Sauteed Onion & Tomato Sandwiches

How to Make Sauteed Onion & Tomato Sandwiches

If you want a light Italian inspired lunch these sauteed onion and tomato sandwiches are a perfect choice. The simple flavors such as basil and honey mustard blend beautifully into the sandwich.

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-Hey everyone, I'm Judith. Well, if you're looking for a nice light and Italian inspired dinner or lunch have I got the one for you because today, we're gonna be making Sauteed Onion and Tomato Sandwiches. So what you'll need for this is 2 medium onion, sliced; 1 teaspoon of olive oil; 8 slices of hearty whole grain or rye bread, toasted of desired, we're using whole grain bread today; honey mustard, 2 small red or yellow tomatoes thinly sliced, today we're using red tomatoes; full lettuce leaves shredded; small fresh basil leaves; 4 ounces of spreadable bread cheese or tub-style cream cheese, and today we'll using some spreadable bread cheese. So, first things first, we wanna saute our onions to get them nice and tender. So, in our saute pain here, let's get it to a medium high heat and add in our olive oil and once that's nice and hot, we'll get in our onions. So, we wanna saute these until they are nice and tender and are just about to turn brown. So, that should take about 5 to 7 minutes. So, our onions are about done now as you can see they've got a nice light brown color that are nice and tender, so we can take that off the heat and start getting our sandwich done. So, I'm just going to show you one sandwich first. So, let's slide thereon 1 slice of bread, a little bit of our honey mustard that's gonna give a lovely sweetness and kick to the whole sandwich right there. You don't love a bit of honey mustard and a sandwich, huh, gorgeous, and as I said, these are very simple ingredients that I'm sure you'll have lying around your house, simple to use. Okay, let's rub a little bit of these lovely sauteed onions right here, gorgeous, lettuce on there. I like to be nice and generous on my onions. There you go. On top of that, let's put on some lovely sliced tomatoes, little layer of lettuce, as neatly as you supposed as we can when making a sandwich, which my problem is that I always like to be overload my sandwich until it was like dripping out from the sides, but you know what, I enjoy it and this lovely fresh basil, which gives it this lovely Italian style of taste. That fresh basil goes great with the tomatoes there. That's enough. So, on our second side of bread, let's get a little bit of this creamy bread cheese, spread that on there. Doesn't it looks amazing. Really, really good. All we do is we pop that on there and all those flavors squeezed together, I see, give it a good little cut, and voila, there you go. That is one gorgeous snack, light dinner, light lunch, perfect. So, we're gonna do the same thing with the remainder of our bread. So, there you go, I have build up my lovely sandwiches, packed with nice simple but beautiful flavors that the basil, the tomato will really, really well, that kick with the honey mustard, and that lovely creamy bread cheese. Lots of nice textures in there and that lovely sauteed tender onion. So, there you go. That's a light, a quick, very easy to make sandwich meal. That's how you make sauteed onion and tomato sandwiches.