How to Grill Fruit

We show you how to prep and grill pineapple, nectarines, mango, grapes, and more.

-A tasty and unexpected treat is fruit on the grill. Hi, I'm Lori from the Better Homes and Gardens test kitchen. Today, I'm gonna share some of our advice for grilling fruits. As you can see, we have a wide variety of fruits here. Just pick your favorites. Depending on what you use here. I have pineapple, and what I've done is I just have the pineapple lengthwise, and then I've removed the core, and then you just wanna slice. Make sure you have fairly good thick slices, and then this can just be placed on the grill like this. I like to use nectarine myself there, my favorite, easy to do for this quick prep. You just simply halve the nectarines, and then you wanna remove the seed. When you remove the seeds, then you got your 2 halves, then they can just be placed on the grill as such. We got a handy little tool that we just love here in the test kitchen. This is really great. You just simply place your mango as such because it contains a seed in there it's kind of hard to cut around, so this is a quick way to do this. You just put that on, slide it down, and there's that tough seed on the inside that we can discard and then what you got is your mango halves, and then you just peel them. You end with something like this once they are peeled and place on the grill as well. Here's something that you would not think of. Grapes on the grill. How cute is that? You've got little clusters of grapes. Just simply lay those down on your grill rack. They're really good. When you grill the grapes, when you grill the fruit, it imparts different type of flavor to them, and they get really juicy and they almost get caramelized. We've got a nice assortment of fruit here. So, let's head on out to the grill. So, here I have my fruit prepped and ready to go. Because I didn't come out directly outside to the grill, what I wanted to do just for fruits that might darken a little bit, just place a little bit of citrus juice. This will help prevent them from turning burn out. So, I have my grill set all medium to medium low heat, and you wanna do fruit directly over the heat. So just basically place your fruit right on the grill rack. You can even take your clumps of grapes, put those right on. If you rather, instead of putting them directly on the grill, what you can do is use one of these great foil pans. This way, if the fruit is a little bit too small or you're maybe the grapes fall off and going into your grill, that will prevent that from happening. One of the things I like to do to really enhance the flavor of the fruit is just sprinkle with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar. It really brings out the sweetness in the fruit. So, we're just gonna let this cook all 3 to 5 minutes and you do wanna watch your fruit really carefully and make sure that it doesn't burn, so will be kind of turning these a little bit more often than we would say vegetables or meat. Okay, so I'm just gonna check on my fruit here real quick, and it looks it's going pretty well, I say, there's really no need to actually cook the fruit, but we're just warming it through trying to get the sugars to caramelize and get a nice grilled look to it. So, we're gonna check on our fruit. I think it should be done. Oh, yeah, it looks more and through. So, what I like to do with this fruit here, you can pair them up with meats and serve them that way. That's kind of different way of serving it or you can just eat it plain like this, and what I love to do is serve it with ice cream, maybe ice cream and a little piece of pound cake or something. It is so good.