How to Make Garlic Paste

Learn how to use the side of your knife and salt to create a garlic paste that can flavor dishes and dressings.

Garlic paste is used when you don't want a textural aspect, just garlic flavor, in a salad dressing, for example. To start, remove the clove from the head of the garlic, loosening with a paring knife and twisting apart. To remove the skin, with flat side of clove down, place broad side of knife over the clove and apply pressure. Remove the skin. The remnant stem end does not need to be cut off the clove before using. Sprinkle a cutting board with salt. Place cloves on top of the salt. Drag the flat, broad side of the knife across the garlic at a 20-degree angle in one direction and then the other until it is smooth paste. Reduce the amount of salt called for in the recipe if you use this method.