How to Make Freezer Jam

Learn how to make fresh berry jam in your freezer.

Hi, I'm Lori from the Better Homes and Gardens test kitchen. Everyone loves the flavor of fresh jam, and today, I'm gonna show you a quick and simple and way to make homemade fresher jam that you and your family can enjoy year round. So, to get started, you're gonna need a few simple ingredients. First, you wanna start out with about 4 cups of fresh berries. I got some black berries here. We've got raspberries that I've already made up some fresh raspberry jam, but for today's purpose, we're gonna use fresh strawberries. You can see that I've already taken the stems off of the strawberries and I have them in my bowl, and what we're wanna do is just take like a potato masher and we're just gonna mash up these berries. After you mash your 4 cups of berries, you'll end at about 2 cups of mashed berries. So, you wanna use those. We've got 4 cups of sugar. So, I'm just gonna put my sugar in a bowl. I've got a half a teaspoon of freshly shredded lemon peel. I wanna add that for some nice fresh flavor, and then I'm going to add my mashed up strawberries. Now, I'm just gonna stir this all together really well. You wanna incorporate all the berries into the sugar mixture, get it stirred up really well, now once I do that, I'm gonna let this mixture stand for about 10 minutes. So, as you berries are standing for that 10 minutes, what you wanna do is you wanna get your pectin mixture going. What I have here I just a 1-3/4 ounce package of regular powdered fruit packed in. You wanna add that to a small saucepan along with 3 quarter cups of water. Now, we're just gonna bring this mixture to boiling. We want it to have a nice full boil. Okay, once your mixture comes to a boil, you want to boil this for 1 minute, and if necessary, you can adjust your heat a little bit just so the mixture doesn't boil over, but you wanna make sure it continuous to boil. So, I have my fruit mixture here that has been standing for 10 minutes and hot pectin mixture. Simply gonna pour it in. So, I have done stirring for about 3 minutes and the sugar has dissolved, we're just simply gonna take our little freezer containers here and I love these. These are plastic. They are freezer safe, and what you do is you just gonna ladle your mixture, your fruit mixture right into these and I like this because they have a little line on them that tells you helpful to fill them. Okay, so we're gonna finish filling our jar here, and you wanna leave about a 1/2 inch of space on the top of the jar just to allow some expansion for when it freezes and then I have these little lids here that just screw on, and there you have it. Just let container stand on your counter overnight. This will help them set up and then once they are set up the next day, they can be put in your refrigerator for up to 3 weeks or you can just pop into your freezer and have them for a year. So, there we have it. This is a great way for you and your family to enjoy the taste of fresh berries all year round.