Growth Chart from Baby Lock

Bee Growth Chart from Baby Lock

Baby Lock's Pam Mahshie takes you through enlarging, editing and positioningwith the Baby Lock Ellsimo machine while making an Elegant Embroidered Tablecloth.

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-Hi, I'm Pam Mahshie national education ambassador for Baby Lock**. I am so excited about what we prepared for free. You will see new projects, technique and some great short cuts to make your sewing and embroidery process even easier. If you would like to create a fun project that sure to brighten any small child's room. This one is for you. Make this adorable bee-themed growth chart featuring several great features on the Sofia 2 sewing and embroidery machine. Sofia 2 is one of the machines in the Baby Lock E-Line Series, fun and versatile. It's perfect for projects just like this. It's so easy to thread with this advance needle threader. I simply guide the thread through the numbered thread pad and press down the lever, easy. On the quick set tap drop in bobbin allows me to effortless insert my bobbin and view how my thread I have. With the dividing lines, I select the honeycomb stitch from Sofia 2 selection of 168 built in decorative and utility stitches. For measurement marking, I select a different stitch -I've already fused the bee and I'm going to create the decorative edging on the wings. I'll use fishing line to give the wings body and a metallic thread offers just a little touch of sparkle. I threaded the machine with metallic thread. I detach the braiding foot and inserted the fishing line. Then, I simply zigzag over the fishing line. To create the measurement numbers, I'll add some embroidery. I detach the embroidery unit and I've selected the numbers from the 6 built in [unk]. I hooked the stabilizer and my project and now I'm ready to embroider. I'm adding embroidery designs from amazing design to coordinate with my bee theme Sofia 2 USB type A port, makes it easy for me to add to the 70 built in design from on my machine. I can just throw a design from flash drive When I'm finished, I have the perfect room accent for measuring milestone. That's sure to make a little be happy. You can complete the technique and instructions found on the Baby Lock website. See more of what you can do with Baby Lock by viewing the other videos or visiting an authorized Baby Lock Retailer near you. See you soon.