X-ACTO Designer Series 12" Rotary Trimmer

The X-ACTO Designer Series 12" Rotary Trimmer makes cropping pictures and cutting paper a breeze!

-Cut the time it takes to prep your projects by using the best tool for the job. Hi! I'm Beth. And for me, scrapbooking at all about creating things the way I want to. I love to create my own elements for my pages it's a whole lot easier with tools like this rotary trimmer. This is the X-ACTO designer series 12-inch rotary trimmer. And yes it's made by the same company as you X-ACTO knives. You get the same great quality of the blade and that means effortless smooth cutting action. Let's take a look at some of the features. This is the perfect size working with standard scrapbooking paper, which is of course 12 x 12. And it's got a pull-out ruler, which really makes it easy. Now, I know a lot of these papers they have this little chunk on the edge, so it's nice because you can get your accurate 12-inch measurements so you can line it up with the 12-inch mark and then slice off the edge, just you don't have that-- that little piece. Another helpful feature is this printed grit. It has got some standard cut sizes too, which is very handy if you have a lot of-- of cropping to do, but I'm just gonna cut a little bit off of my photo here. I'm gonna line it up. and I'll do the other side and line it up with the that little spot there. This trimmer is built to be strong and long lasting and because it's by X-ACTO, it's all about the blade. The precision X-ACTO blade is carbon steel sharpened so you can cut several sheets at a time and still maintain a clean accurate cut. If you've got a lot of trimming to do, that really saves you some time. I loved to cut strips when I'm scrapbooking, so this is great. I just pile up my scrapbooking pattern paper and just go to town. If you haven't worked with a rotary trimmer very much, here are a couple of quick tips. Do take advantage of the built-in measuring guides to get the best results. Just lift the rail and slide your paper in and align it using either the grid or use the swing-out ruler to determine what sides you're cutting to. Now, I will like you to note that they cutting location is different than on some trimmers I've used. It is going to cut along the edge of this guide rail on the pink guide rail so just note that before you're cutting. When you're ready to cut, lower the rail and then apply pressure to the top of the blade carriage. In that way, when you slide it across your material, you'll get even pressure for an even accurate cut. It's just that easy. This really is the perfect tool for scrapbooking. You can trim photographs, paper, card, sack. You can even cut plastic. Eventually, you will have to change the blade, but it's really simple to do. You've got your little blade holder carriage here and you're gonna turn this counterclockwise and you can see it's got a little open with an arrow. You wanna line these triangles up and then pull out and so there's your blade, so we wanna be very careful with that and we wanna try to avoid touching it on the edges, you know, because that is very sharp. So, I'm gonna grab my new blade and again be very careful. These are very sharp. Put that on to the little blade housing and then we wanna put this back in. Line up the triangles and then turn it back closed and there you go. So, if you've never tried a rotary trimmer of you've never tried an X-ACTO rotary trimmer, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. It really does make a big difference.