Kitchen Baking Cabinet

Convert an entertainment armoire into a kitchen storage for cooking and baking.

Convert an entertainment armoire into a station for preparing pies, cakes, and other homemade baked goods. Insert a piece of corkboard within a paneled door. Refer to tacked up recipes while you work. Store dry ingredients in glass or acrylic canisters with sealed lids. A coat of magnetic chalkboard paint transforms the back of a door into a handy spot to jot down shopping lists and reminders. Fill magnetic tins with spices or cake decorating details. Hang pretty bakeware along the back of a cabinet. Reinforce a waist-high shelf to serve as a workstation. Ceramic crocks corral all your frequently used cooking tools. Drop cooking racks and trivets into a lined basket for quick transport to the counter. Fit a low drawer with wire dividers to sort pans and baking sheets. Preparing homemade treats is easier when you dedicate a cabinet to all your baking supplies.