Craft Closet

Convert an extra closet into a crafting station with these inexpensive organizing ideas.

Now, here I am in our home office area, which has been painted buttery yellow. We kept the trim white and the existing doors of the closet are still there. Open the doors, and you've got a great storage area for all of you're needs from crafting, to sewing, to quilt making, to kid's projects. These are great storage ideas. The container still work. Had some wonderful storage actions that are----carrying baskets, so if you have paints, and you have art supplies that you wanna be able to put onto the countertop. To storage bins that are sealed that can be moved around with crayons or whatever you may have. And then, storage boxes which can have look books of magazines and things that you might like or projects that you wanna have as inspiration, that can be all be labeled and stored efficiently, but I also like that you can have this great cabinets that are all about easy access for string, for crayons, for pencils, and even for small things that are all about kid's projects such as paints and all these great storage solutions really give you a creative use of space with any closet, and I think that it's a great fit for this room.