Cottage Style Kitchen Storage

Transform a free-standing cupboard into a multi-purpose kitchen cabinet.

Transform a freestanding cupboard into a high functioning storage spot for canned goods and other kitchen supplies. Attach a piece of sheet metal inside a door. Place spices in magnetic containers and hang small kitchen gadgets from hooks. Use magnetic clips to gather coupons and shopping lists. Fill labeled canvas bins with breakfast essentials or favorite snacks. Line the inside of a door with adhesive-backed corkboard. Screw-top glass containers keep baking supplies fresh. Add handwritten labels for a touch of vintage style. See what's in the back of the cabinet by including a tiered riser for small canned items. A two-level lazy Susan keeps twice as many canned goods at hand. Use expandable plastic inserts to convert a drawer into a file for recipe cards. Corral beverages in small metal crates. Pull out the entire container when hosting guests. Stash paper lunch sacks and plastic bags in a door mount mesh bin. Stock wicker baskets with potatoes and onions. Paint the back of a door with chalkboard pain and leave reminders. With a well-organized cabinet, you're on the way to conquering kitchen clutter.