Cleaning Closet

Gather all your cleaning gear in one spot with these handy ideas.

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Gather all your cleaning gear in one super functional spot with these simple ideas. Stash large, light items, like empty buckets and extra paper towels on upper shelves. Mount the paper towel holder high on the inside of the door. Tear off sheets as needed. Sort utility items in a divided bin. Designate sections for batteries, light bulbs, vacuum bags, and more. Create an easy-to-transport kit for frequently used dusting supplies. A clamp style hanger lets you quickly grab brooms and mops. Slip sponges or scrubbers into wall mount pencil holders. Wrap the interior of a cabinet with shallow metal wall bins, designed to collect mail. Fill them with cleaners and spray bottles. Hang a duster and dustpan from easy-to-reach hooks. Clip together rubber gloves with a binder clip and hang from a wall hook. Cover the base of the closet or cabinet with contact paper that's easy to wipe clean. When you pinpoint places for storing supplies and tools, your cleaning closet can be as tidy as the rest of your house.