Healthy in a Hurry

In a hurry? You can still make healthy choices, like these easy options.

-Better Homes and Gardens is pleased to partner with General Mills to bring you the going healthy video series. Low fat or no-fat, full grain, low carb, high protein. With so much nutrition information out there, how do you make the right choices? Let Better Homes and Gardens help with some good and healthy advice. When you're on the go and you need a quick snack, what do you reach for? Here's some fast ideas to keep you healthy in a hurry. Keep a stash of cereal bars on hand. They're really easy to take along on a purse, a backpack, a briefcase. And you can find lots of healthy versions from low cal or rich in fiber or high in protein, whatever the most important to your dietary needs. Calorie-controlled portions takes the [unk] of snacking on the go because you know exactly what you're getting and there are a lot of options from cookies to crackers, so you won't get bored but make sure you're only eating one portion. Use snack size re-sealable bags to bring along your favorite nuts and dried fruits. They pack a big punch of nutrition in just a few little bites. Yogurt is another quick and easy option when you're on the go. This lite version provides a full 20% of your daily calcium and vitamin D needs and has just about 100 calories. A great yogurt snack idea, smoothies. Blend a carton of your favorite flavored yogurt with about a cup and a half of your favorite fruit. Mix in a quarter cup of orange juice or fat-free milk for a fresh delicious treat. And that's healthy in a hurry.