Your Portions

Downsize Your Portions

Control your portions and still feel full with this one simple strategy!

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-Better Homes and Gardens is pleased to partner with General Mills to bring you the going healthy video series. Low fat or no-fat, full grain, low carb, high protein. With so much nutrition information out there, how do you make the right choices? Let Better Homes and Gardens help with some good and healthy advice. Cutting calories doesn't have to mean teeny-tiny servings. There are lots of ways to downsize your calories without downsizing your portion. One of the best ways is by adding lots of vegetables to your meals. Craving pasta? Cut down the size of the serving of noodles by bulking up your sauce. Veggies are a great addition to pasta sauces. Whether you're making it from scratch or using purchased, the vegetables add extra nutrition, fiber specifically, so you feel full longer and make your serving look and tastes more substantial. Don't think of the potato as simply as a side, served it up as a main course by piling on the veggies. Start with a small baked potato, then top of all of your favorite vegetables. Sprinkle it with a little cheddar cheese and top it all up with a dollop of light sour cream. To keep the size of your sandwich substantial, skip the extra meat and cheese. And instead, add lettuce, tomato, onions, and cucumbers, whatever you like best. You'll still get the flavor of the meat and cheese but you'll fill out for more of the veggies. And you can have that extra slice of your favorite pizza if it's loaded up with vegetables instead of meats and cheeses. So keep your portions and yourself healthy with vegetables.