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Need a more nutritious diet? Find out which foods can give you a quick boost of the basics.

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-Better Homes and Gardens is pleased to partner with General Mills to bring you the going healthy video series. Low fat or no-fat, full grain, low carb, high protein. With so much nutrition information out there, how do you make the right choices? Let Better Homes and Gardens help with some good and healthy advice. We all live busy lives, so getting the right nutrients to fill your day can be tough. Here are a few simple things you can do to power up your diet. -Looking for little more calcium, check out your cereal box. Breakfast cereals are great way to get a good start on your recommended daily allowances including calcium. A surprising source of calcium, sesame seeds. They're really easy to sprinkle onto a salad or in your casserole. And don't forget dairy, yogurts are great source of calcium, along with a good dose of muscle building protein. -Getting good protein helps build lean muscle but it doesn't have to mean eating meat. Eggs and low-fat dairy are both good sources along with nuts, legumes, and soy products. So think of them when you need a quick snack. Need more vitamins and minerals? Fruits are great source. Keep it cut up and ready to snack on when it's in season. Frozen fruit is always available and it's great to blend in the smoothies for that extra shot of nutrition. Vegetables are another versatile source for getting more vitamins and minerals in your diet. And you can fit them into any meal of the day. Try an omelet filled with veggies for breakfast. Keep some in the fridge, cleaned, chopped, and ready to go for snacking or for cooking. Salads are always an easy choice. You can even sneak them into sauces by pureeing them. So think of your food as fuel for you to have a great day.