MyStik Adhesive

Crafting is easier than ever with the new MyStik fully customizable and refillable adhesive tool from SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES by 3LTM.

Looking for a crafting tool that will really stick with you? You found it. Hi, I'm Beth, and this is the new MyStik fully customizable and refillable adhesive tool. It's from Scrapbook Adhesives By 3L. The MyStik is going to inspire you to take your craft to a whole new level, and best of all, it works with all different kinds of crafts. It's great for all your paper crafting needs, scrapbooking, altered arts, card making, stamping. It's ISO approved which means the adhesives are guaranteed to be acid free. Acrylic-based so there's no staining or bleeding. Photo-safe and lignin free. Because you put a lot of time into your projects and you want them to last. You can really tell that this product is designed for and by crafters. So let's run through some of the features of the MyStik adhesive tool. As you can see, there are four different dispensers, one for permanent adhesive strips. This lets you apply adhesive in curves or circles and it lets you adhere even the tiniest of die cuts and embellishments. There's one for adhesive squares which makes mounting photos really fast and easy. There's one for repositionable adhesive which is strong enough to be permanent, but if you got your item in the wrong spot, it can be moved really easily. And one for vellum adhesives. You don't have to use brads or eyelets to cover up the adhesive. But the real genius here is that all the dispensers work with all the refills, totally interchangeable. Watch how easy it is to switch out the refills using their patented system. Just line up the arrows and snap out one refill cartridge and snap in the next. There's no winding or threading or tangling, and the cartridges are recyclable. I love that it's easy on the environment. It's also really easy to use because of the changeable positions on the handle so you can find the best fit for you and the craft you're working on. Now, from fit to function, all the dispensers are designed to give you great precision when you're working. This advancing wheel lets you apply the adhesive exactly where you want it, and when you're not working, you can close this built-in protector so the adhesive doesn't pick up scraps or fibers or glitter, and because it's built-in, you'll never loose it. One of my very favorite features is the one that really makes it MyStik. These windows right here are designed for you to customize and personalize any way you want. Put a photo in there, use your favorite scrapbooking paper, print your name so no one steals your adhesive at a craft. This template makes it easy to get the shape just right so you can do whatever you want to make it yours. And make sure you check out the MyStik website. There's a community you can join to see how other crafters are using MyStik, so choose your dispenser, choose your adhesive, make it yours, and start crafting.