Elmer's Gripster X-ACTO Knife

For hand-cutting, the X-ACTO knife can't be beat! Learn about the Elmer's Gripster X-ACTO Knife!

-With the right tool everything is easier. Hi, I'm back and if you like to craft your scrap you probably got a few of these craft's mates hanging around and you definitely know how important a good sharp blade is. Excepto has always been the gold standard for cutting tools and is now part of the Elmer's Family of brand, those are the long history in crafting so they're a natural team to bring you the Elmer's Gripster Exacto Knife. Designed for precision cutting and trimming and the great thing about this gripster is its pink so it's easy to spot in your drawer. It's well balanced and it's got rear blade release so you can quickly and safely remove and change blades. So I'm just gonna put a new blade in and tighten it back up. Now it also has this collar that prevents your knife from rolling around so you can set it down and it's not gonna roll away on you. I know there are a lot of tools out there that will do the cutting for you but I know a little old school and I think there are some things that are just better done by hand. Now the Gripster gives you some really great control, lots of control in your little tiny hard to reach places like the inside of this [unk] here. And you get lots of options for cutting so you can also cut paper, you can cut balsa, you can cut acetate and even plastic. So let's say you have a page, now I've got an element here that's coming off the edge of my page so I need to cut my page protector to let that go through the edge. So I'm just gonna grab my pen here and kind of mark a little spot where this flower goes and then grab my ruler here. I'm just gonna slice off just a little edge of this peach protector. And there we go, now I can put my page in my protector and that flower will pop right off there. So if you're looking for the ultimate accessory to keep your cutting skills sharp pick up the Elmer's Gripster Exacto Knife.