Texture Boutique Embossing Machine

Sizzix Texture Boutique Embossing Machine

Adding dimension and texture to cards and scrapbooking projects is easy with the Sizzix Texture Boutique Embossing Machine!

Fri, 5 Nov 2010|

-Fun is in the cards for you with the really cool new embossing tool. Hi, I'm back and scrapbookers know how important good tools are and I think this is one you're gonna get a lot if you thought of. It's the Sizzix texture boutique embossing machine. Now embossing creates a raised or three-dimensional design on your paper. So you can see here, we're got a really cute little flower and swirl pattern in this really nice deep design; it really adds a lot of texture to your projects. And this handy little embossing only machine makes it really easy to do. Let me show you, so we've got our little sandwich here that we're creating. We've got our embossing pad on the bottom and now the great thing about this is it's got the diagram for use right on it so if you forget what you need to do just take a look at that, it's very, very convenient. So I'm using the shim because I'm just gonna use one layer of card stack if you are using a folded card you don't need to use that shim. And I'm using a nice color core card stack here and you'll see why that's important in just a minute. So I'm gonna start rolling this through and you can hold it either from the handle or right here. I think this gives me a little bit more stability when I'm rolling through. And we should be done in a second here. There you go. So pull it out and we can pull our card stack out of our embossing [unk]. Now, like I said, this is color core card stack so what I'm gonna do is take my sanding block and lightly sand this paper. That's very quick and easy way to give you a really dramatic look; you can see that the color core here is starting to come through. You've got a lighter core on this paper taking a nice pop and it's very easy to do. Now another thing you can do that also is really dramatic and fun it's inking. So I've got another piece here and I'm just gonna run my inkpad right over the top. You can see that really brings out the design, gives you that nice popping texture on your projects. Now Sizzix makes a wide variety of embossing folders. They're really, really fun designs. You can make all sorts of cards you've got thank you and you can make invitations, holiday cards and of course we've got some adorable birthday designs as well. So you've got all kinds of designs and you can use all kinds of materials too, paper card stack, metallic foil and vellum. One of the things I really like about this tool is it's nice and light, it's compact, you can easily store it anywhere but it's still sturdy enough to do the job. And also it's just adorable, look at it, it looks like a little purse, so cute. And the price is right too, you can get the basic machine with the embossing pads and shim or you can step it up a little and get a starter kit that they've bundled altogether that's got the machine, it's got embossing folders, paper and rub on. So if you're looking for a tool that's versatile, easy to use and easy to store, pick up the Sizzix texture boutique embossing machine and make a big impression.