Sizzix Big Shot Pro Machine

The Big Shot Pro lets you cut and score designs that are bigger and better than ever!

-Cut the time it takes to create projects that are sure to stand out with the Sizzix Big Shop Pro. Hi, I'm Beth. And this tool is going to make a big difference in your crafting and scrap-booking. It's versatile, fast and fun. Now, the versatility really comes from all the different materials you can cut. You can of course, cut paper but you can also cut chipboard and felt and fabric- all sorts of materials. So here, we've got our card and look how easy that was. So, I'm gonna fold that and make that our little cupcake cut-out. Here's our little cupcake too. You can use that for an embellishment on this card, or maybe save it for another project. Now, I'll show you how easy it is. We're gonna make our sandwich. And we've got our clear-cutting pad, and then we're going to put down our die. And this is a great die because it's a Movers and Shapers die, and it's got this cute little cupcake cut-out that's a magnet, so you can move it around on your card so you can have a horizontal card like we've just cut, or you can change it to be vertical. And that's what we're gonna do right now. And then, we've got our paper and we're putting our crease pad on top. Now, we normally would may be put a cutting pad on top in Sizzix machines but we've got the crease pad here because these dice have score lines and fold lines for your card making. So here we've got our vertical card, and of course our cute little cupcake. And of course, the big difference with this machine is that you can cut these huge dice. These are the biggest and newest line of dice from Sizzix. And you've got a 13-inch wide opening here, so you can run this great die through. Now, it's also not just for cards, you can also make bags, boxes and stationery. I'll show you one of these really cute box set. So, we've got our pillow box die here. I'm just gonna switch it super easy, and I'm gonna make my sandwich again and then put our crease pad on top, and run it through. Again, super-easy to turn it doesn't take much effort at all, and it's very quick. So we've got our nice, little pillow box here. Now, I already have one that's already kind of folded up for me. So I'm gonna add some adhesive to the little tab on the edge here, and then fold it up, and then we're just gonna fold in our ends and you've got a really cute little box. And this would be great for like, maybe a favor box at a shower or a wedding, or it would be super-cute to put gift cards in or a stocking stuff or and you know, decorate it all cute. Now, you don't just half to use large dice in this machine either. You can use any number of dice that Sizzix or Allison makes. Now, I've got my big die here and it's really the same process. You just have your cutting pad on the bottom, grab a piece of paper and put our crease mat on top. Now, you could also use your regular-sized cutting pads if you have those from Big Shop or BIGKick Machine. And there we go. We've got our nice, little flowers and we could use these to decorate our pillow box, or another card. So for cutting and scoring large shapes and small, the Big Shop Pro is a professional-grade construction. It's really gonna hold up to all the use you're going to give it.