Projects U can do with UGlu

Easy Projects U can do with UGlu

UGlu offers a revolutionary way to bond all types of surfaces together combining the strength of an industrial adhesive with the convienence of tape. Watch as we demonstrate.

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-Hi, I'm Beth, and there are a lot of adhesives on the market. There are liquids, tapes, pastes, and sprays. But some of them are too strong for the job you have and some aren't strong enough. Well, I think UGlu is the glue you're going to want to use. It's convenient, strong, and has so many different applications. -This is the glue here. It has all the properties of a liquid glue, but it's in a solid form and it comes in a variety of sizes. We've got this vines and we have some smaller dashes as well, and you can also cut this to any size you need. It's really easy, just basically peel and stick. So, you peel off the first liner and we're gonna put it down on our paper here and just make sure you got a nice even contact, and then peel off the second liner and then finish the job. So easy. No mess. You don't have to worry about drips or spills and you get an instant industrial-strength bond that's even stronger than super glue. You don't have to worry about gluing your fingers together. So, what can you use UGlu for? Really almost anything around the house. Use it for a loose tile or peeling laminate. Use it to tack down some carpet. You can even use it to hang things on walls. -I've even repaired my shoe with UGlu. It's strong enough for all of that, but it's also perfect for crafting projects. Take this vase for example. This would be tough to do with traditional adhesive. I know you would worry about it dripping down the sides or you may have to hold the beads in place until they're dry, but not with UGlu. It's really easy. So I'm gonna cut this strips so that they're a little skinnier, here. - Then, again just peel back the liner and add another row right about here and wrap it around the base, there. Peel it off. Now, I can just press my beads in place. Really easy. And, the great thing about UGlu is it's also water proof. So when you go to fill this with water, you don't have to worry about it getting wet. -And if you wanted to do a larger scale project like a planter, it also holds up for outdoor use. This button frame is another great example of embellishing using UGlu. We're just going to use these dashes this time and put them on the back of our button. Then, just start layering them on the frame. -The great thing about UGlu is you can use it on so many different surfaces. You don't have to get a new adhesive every time you change projects. So, you could use it on this wooden frame and then you could also use it on the felt and Styrofoam wreath and you just move right to the next project. I think a lot of crafters really rely on their hot glue guns a lot. But, you know, you get a messy, stringy, melty mess. -And, especially with the project like the felt wreath, you know, that's just too messy. You get that strings everywhere. I just don't like to deal with that. UGlu is also great if you're a scrapbooker. You can use these acid-free dashes to attach embellishments and things and you don't have to worry about it bleeding through the paper and ruining it or deteriorating your pictures over time. -So, I've got this little photo corner here and I think I'm just gonna take a little diagonal of this dash and put it on there, and then we're gonna put this is on that photo corner, here. The great thing is it's really strong enough for this metal photo corner, but it's also delicate enough for this paper flower. -It really works on any embellishment that you would want to put on your scrapbook page. [unk] over here and then we've got this little button to put on the center, and the great thing about UGlu, you don't have to just use it as this dash, you can kind of roll it up into a little ball, and then attach that to the back of your button. Now, you have a nice little round adhesive dot if you will and put it on. It also gives a little dimension too. UGlu is also nontoxic and VOC free, so no obnoxious odors and no worrying about safety. -So, perfect for kids' projects and pregnant ladies like me. I didn't have to give up my crafting during my pregnancy. So, it's also really great for kids because, you know, you don't have to really worry about them using it unsupervised like you would with a hot glue gun, and they just really can help with their projects very easily. So, here's our solar system and we got our Styrofoam sun here so we can just stick it down really easily and I think that is an A+ project. -Another great feature of UGlu is that it is removable. Now, you do need to take a little bit of time and work with it but you can get a nice, clean removal. So whether you're a do-it-yourselfer, a crafter, or just want a reliable adhesive to have on hand, give UGlu a try. I think you'll really gonna love it.