Family Meals

Spending time as a family doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money. Try these easy pizza ideas for a fabulous and inexpensive family dinner.

Better Homes and Gardens is pleased to partner with General Mills to bring the Week Night Budget series. Everybody wants to serve their families delicious, nutritious dinners, but can you do it on a budget? You bet, with some timely tips from Better Homes and Gardens. Eating in instead of eating out isn't just easier on the wallet, it can be a lot of fun for the family and pizza is the perfect choice. Pizza is very versatile. You can make thick, thin, and you can stretch your budget by using things you probably already have in your fridge or your pantry. First off, you wanna start with a premade dough and I've got this ready-to-go crust here and then you wanna cut into the size appropriate for your children, smaller kids, smaller pizzas, and then, for the first one, I'm gonna do a traditional pizza. I'm gonna start off with some sauce and then pepperoni, and some sliced peppers, top it off as always with a little bit of cheese. And then I'm gonna sprinkle a little bit of some dried oregano and basil on top of that and ready to go. That's the best part about a meal like this. You can get creative and clean the fridge out at the same time. Another great option with the same ingredients would be calzones and instead of making a traditional, I'm gonna go with a barbecue chicken and basically you start with some barbecue sauce. I've got some leftover shredded chicken. And then I'm gonna put some shredded mozzarella cheese on it. Then you just take the crust and you fold it over the filling and you crimp it with a fork. And you could just cook it like this or I like to put a little bit of an egg wash on it which is egg beaten with water, just a little bit of water and you brush that on and then sprinkle it with a little bit of parmesan cheese and then you transfer this to your sheet pan and then I'm gonna bake this in an oven at about 425, 450, until they're golden brown. So have fun and save some money with a do-it-yourself dinner.