Cans of Goodness

Can a 'can' help you make a delicious dinner for less? You'll be surprised by these simple strategies that add a big blast of flavor, and keep your Weeknight Budget in check.

- Better Homes and Gardens is pleased to partner with General Mills to bring you the Weeknight Budget Series. Everybody wants to serve their families delicious, nutritious dinners. But can you do it on a budget? You bet---- with some timely tips from Better Homes and Gardens. Save yourself some time and some money too. Take advantage of canned goods. They are often on sale and they're very versatile. Canned soups are great pantry item to have on hand. They're a perfect addition to homemade soups and sauces, and they're great in casseroles and skillet dinners. They add a great boost of flavor. Look for lower sodium soups to cut down in your overall salt. Many also feature extra fiber---- a great health benefit that makes you feel full---- and canned vegetables are a great way to extend the recipe. Here come my favorite inexpensive and fast recipes. They get a lot of extra flavor from simple canned goods. This is really just fast rag. We start off with some leftover sliced steak or, actually with this, I just could toss some thin slices of sirloin. And you wanna add some tomato soup and then thicken it with a little bit of condensed tomato soup and you wanna stir that together until combined, and then add some frozen broccoli and cook that until the broccoli is cooked through, crisp, tender. And then when it's all heated through, you just spoon it over some leftover mashed potato or some polenta and there you go. Another fast dinner idea using inexpensive canned goods is [unk] salsa and we stir in some condensed cheese soup, and you wanna stir that until the cheese soup starts to thin out; and then if it's not thin enough, add some chicken broth and then add a can of corn. And then when that comes to just a soft boil and heated through, add your chopped leftover chicken. Again, just keep stirring that until that's heated through and this would make a great enchilada filling. We're gonna serve it here over some rice and you could top it with a little bit of cilantro if you like, either snipped or fresh leaves. It can't get much easier than that. So keep your eyes out for sales and canned goods which can be a great way to stretch your budget.