TV Cabinet Storage

From movies to music to magazines, media gear demands a place to call home. This cabinet stores it all in a small space.

-Manage your home electronics with a compact media center. Get started with these 10 ideas. Choose an armoire with adjustable shelving and easy cord access. Look for drawers of varying depths to store all types of equipment and containers. Shrink the size of your home stereo system with an MP3 player and speaker station. Quickly plug in or recharge electronics with a grounded power strip installed in the cabinet's back. Categorize DVDs and video game cases with labeled whicker baskets. Mount a wood bin inside the cabinet door to hold remotes. Sort and display photos in customizable photo albums. Tuck magazines and newspapers in a portable basket that's easy to tote. Display this month's magazines upright in a wire rack as if they were books. Use a divided drawer bin to keep small game pieces tidy. With these 10 fast easy fixes, your media center will remain clutter free.