Streamline Laundry Storage

Take advantage of underused space in a laundry room with these savvy tricks using sorters, bins, hooks, and hanging organizers.

-Don't be discouraged by laundry. Try these tricks for a more organized washday. Create a super laundry zone inside a single supply cabinet. Choose a versatile style with doors and adjustable shelves. Replace solid cabinet doors with pegboard to add another storage feature. Gather laundry tips and care instructions on 1 list. Laminate it and hang it on the door. Use wire hooks and hanging bins for lint rollers, stain removal sticks, and small scrub brushes. Make the side of your cabinet an ironing zone with a cooling rack and collapsible clothes rod. Buy smaller bottles of concentrated detergent and softener to save space. Catch messy spills and drips from detergents with a plastic tray. Squeeze in more storage with an under shelf wire bin. Store small supplies and bottles on a Lazy Susan so nothing gets lost in the back corner. Sort laundry into a rolling hamper to speed up washday. Top your hamper with a padded board for folding or ironing. Use jars to collect pocket finds, clothes pins, and sewing accessories. Short of washing the clothes for you, the tricks in this laundry center make it a breeze to keep clothes clean.