Home Office Storage

A clutter-free work space can bring a little sanity to your busy day. These ideas help you maximize every inch of storage.

-An organized work zone helps you get more done. Try these efficiency boosters for any home office. Choose a slim desk. A surface that is 18 to 20 inches deep is surprisingly roomy. Stash CDs and DVDs in slim plastic covers rather than bulkier jewel cases. Install wall mount cubes with [unk] top doors to hide clutter. Clip on a reading lamp. It frees up desk space. Mount a Magnetic Dry Erase Memo Board on the wall behind your desk. Hang slender items such as rulers, scissors, or head phones from nails or hooks attached to the desk. Claim under-cabinet space by affixing screw top jars with commercial grade Velcro. Organize mail daily with a wall-mount letter rack. Poke receipts on a wire post to keep them all in 1 place. Always losing pens? You won't ever again with a pen on a chain. Pick the teeth staplers, pencil sharpeners, and tape dispensers. Move your stash to another work station with a handled desk tray. Round up tiny items in clear-top containers. Organize frequently used papers in wall-mount hanging files. Attach magazine holders to the sides of cabinets. Make any metal surface or memo board with magnets. These fast and easy fixes will help transform a home office from messy to meticulous in no time.