Kids' Room Storage

Clever Kids' Room Storage

Little ones have lots of stuff and need easy ways to store it. This room is built for fun and organization.

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-Kids and clutter, they just go together, but in this ultimate kid's room, one inventive mom used cabinetry and creativity to help keep her daughter's room tidy. Hi, I'm Jill Waddy, an editor of a storage magazine and I'm going to walk you to the smart features of this ultimate kid's room. It all starts right here with a twin-sized bed. Building it into the wall like a daybed, allows plenty of open place space on the floor. Stock cabinetry components serve as built-in bedside tables. It could offer a lot more storage capacity than the average night stand. These drawers hold toys, books, blocks, and trinkets. The blue knobs and bin pulls are easy for little fingers to grip. Up top and with an easy reach of the bed, a spice drawer unit functions as an imaginative cabby rack, the perfect place to stash all the trinkets hair bows, lip balms, and tiny doll shoes this little girl loves. Underneath the bed, a full-width drawer rolls out as a toy box. It's perfect for corralling stuffed animals and dolls. The drawer is also sized to hold a twin mattress. The [unk] dividers come out, a mattress slips in, and this room is sleepover ready. Kids simply overflow with creativity. Magnetic chalkboard paint is a great way to hang art that would, otherwise, make a clutter. Wall shelves hang within the child reach are great spot to coral smaller items and display them in decorative pails or stacks. Another way to reduce clutter is to find toys that serve as storage pieces. These clever kitchen set is not only great for imaginative play, but the appliances that you hide the toys away and don't let a small closet deter you. A pair of bifold french doors converts this tiny knock into a clever storage hideaway. In addition to double hang rods to store hanging clothes, this closet got a new built-in window seat and open shelves. Not only does this unit store clothes, it also serves as a fun place to hide, read books, and daydream. To the right of the window seat, packed into the eaves of the home is the equivalent of a built-in dresser to hold folded clothes. The display front drawers more commonly used to store dry goods in the kitchen are the perfect place to put pretty hair bows, elastics, and garrets on display. Just inside the folding doors is a tower of open shelves filled with fabric line baskets. The top ones are great for out-of-season hats and mittens. The lower bends are perfect for grab-on-the go items such as little socks, tights, belts, and even dress-up clothes. So you see, helping kids take control of their clutter isn't impossible. It just takes [unk] storage solutions to create your own ultimate kids room.