Room Remodel

Family Room Remodel

Serving as a home office, playroom, and guest quarters, this former den is now the hardest-working space in the house.

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Ever wish you can more than one use out of the room? You can with the right storage tricks. Hi, I'm Jill Waage an editor of the Storage Magazine. And we have found the ultimate multipurpose room for an active family. It's an office, a playroom and a guest room all in one. Let's take a look. Every family needs a place for home computing. This compact office area has just the right features to store a lot of gear. The first step to making this desk area possible was to change the door. Doors that swing on hinges take up both wall and floor space. This pocket door made room for a desk to slip right in the corner. The desk is the perfect size for home computing. Exposed feet make the built-in look more like real furniture. The window seat functions as both the place to read a book and a handy drawer to store files. Above the desk labeled spice drawers and open slots of a perfect containers for small supplies such as notepads, keys, staples or flash drives, as well as note cards and the daily mail. If you don't have room for built-ins use a tote bag to keep daily office items handy. The bag also becomes organization on the go to the kitchen, soccer practice or the porch on a beautiful day. Having a place for kids to play and store their toys or at least most of them is an organization dream. Next let's take a look at all the kid-smart cabinetry in this room's play area. This deep storage wall packs in floor to ceiling cabinets for books games and buckets of toys. A wall of cabinets might feel too massive but these open cubbies give you a visual break and the option to hide something away or put it on display. Plus cubbies are great for kids. They are easy to access and they help little ones learn to sort and organize. Installing cabinet knobs and poles in the lower corners of the doors also help kids reach toys for themselves. A built-in art paper roller is ready for doodling and a clear plastic chair matt from the office supplies store helps keep the floor clean. The real magic of this multipurpose room is how easily it converts to a guest room. Watch this. On most days the sofa is homed to stuffed animal play and reading books. But when guests arrive it opens in to a sofa sleeper. But this model features a super comfy air bed rather than the typical fold-up matres. And the pie shape sections of a round play table snap apart and re-stack as a two-shelf bedside table and as a half circle table at the foot of the bed. Over at the arts and crafts desk the drawing table becomes an in-room coffee bar. It's also a great place to put maps and information about local attractions. Above the sofa sleeper artist's clipboards are the perfect way to display the kiddos' latest works of art or when guests come spot them out for sheets of patterned paper. Opposite the sofa sleeper is a sunny window seat and tall storage cabinet. On an average day this rollout TV may play cartoons, but guests will love the opportunity to watch TV as they fall asleep. The bottom drawer is also a convenient place to keep linens for the sofa sleeper. Did you ever think one room could have so many functions? An office, a playroom and a guest room it's definitely what we consider an ultimate storage space.