Boost Bath Vanity Storage

Store bath essentials right where you need them with these clever cabinet tricks.

Beat the morning rush by upgrading your bathroom vanity with these simple additions. Use the toothpick dispenser to hold cotton swabs. Organize toiletries and vinyl travel bags. Choose a basic bath set with multiple specialty pieces. Display everyday essentials in a plastic tray that you can whisk away when company arrives. Use plastic desk bins to show off pretty products such as color nail polish. Replace vanity doors with double swing rods. One rod holds a privacy curtain, the other hand towels. Hang hair care products from hooks. Store your hair dryer in a holster. Sort jewelry in a ceramic egg tray. Use canvass baskets to keep bath supplies tidy and accessible in base cabinets. Inside baskets affix elastic band with a few dots of fabric glue to keep bottles from tipping over. Install sliding racks and maximize cabinet space. Fill pales with frequently used bathroom beauty accessories. Choose clear screw top canisters for less use or perishable items. In a space where small items can get cluttered fast, these tricks will make your morning routine a breeze.