Kitchen Pantry

Ultimate Kitchen Pantry

Transform a tiny closet into a hardworking kitchen pantry with these tricks for storing pans, utensils, small appliances, and baking supplies.

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-Ask people what they want most in a home and storage will always rank high and there is no room in which great storage is more important than the kitchen. Hi, I'm Doug Hansen and I am project designer for Storage Magazine. Today, I'm going to transform a modest kitchen pantry into an efficient and attractive baking center. Look at all these, mixer, pans, sugar, flours, spices, tools. It takes a lot of stuff to bake cupcakes or banana bread, but the prospect of baking is a lot more appealing when everything you need is close at hand and well organized. I'm starting with an empty closet. First, let's find a home for the stand mixer. These are terrific kitchen tools, but they take up a lot of counter space and they can be tough to move. Even pulling them out from the backsplash is a chore. I'm going to house the mixer on a kitchen cart. This is an inexpensive, unfinished cart that I painted white. The 36-inch height is perfect for a work surface and the wheels make everything mobile. I have attached the strip plug to the back of the cart to power the mixer and other small appliances. The counter is roomy enough to hold mixing bowls and utensils too. Now, I'll stuff the cart with all the baking essentials. In the drawer, a rack organizes spice containers [unk] expensive drawer dividers for chocolate, almond paste, food color, and other ingredients. In the cupboard, all house additional small electrics, a food processor, immersion blender, and a hand mixer. There is plenty of room on the cart to use the processor along the side of the mixer. The upper shelf is a great home for baking sheets, cutting boards, and cooling racks, all neatly stacked in an inexpensive organizer. A favorite cookbook slips in right the side. Mixing bowls and the sifter fit nicely on the lower shelf. On the side of the cart, the towel bar makes a clever home for measuring utensils and hot pads. I've used shower curtain hooks to hang them, and over the door hook at the front of the cart is a better place for a kitchen towel. Now onto the pantry itself. I used 2 shelves in here and we get a plenty of clearance for the cart to house the mixer attachments of the [unk] cookbooks to the bottom of the lower shelf. They are out of the way, yet easy to grab when you need them. I will stock the accessible lower shelves with essential baking ingredients using a tiered riser to increase the capacity and the convenience. The top shelf holds additional baking pans with a riser that doubles shelf space. [unk], baking liners, and cookie cutters look great in clear containers. No sense letting the back of the door go to waste and over the door rack holds towels, oven mitts, and even a rolling pin. A dispenser keeps spoiled baking parchment and paper towels with an easy reach. Remember where we started with heaps of tools and ingredients that have now been organized not just for efficient storage, but for convenient use. This baking center looks like a pricey-accustomed job, but we made it with affordable, easy to find materials. What's your passion, scrapbooking, sewing, hobbies, or even more fun when we take a little time to find thoughtful solutions that keep things accessible and orderly.